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Artist Trailers | Winnie Hire

Coachstar have provided many TV production companies an artist trailer hire in Leeds to provide comfortable and convenient living quarters for their artiste and talent while on location.

These motorhomes and star trailers are typically equipped with amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, living area, hair and make up facilities and on board showers. They also provide a secure and private space for the artist or crew to relax and prepare for their scenes. The motorhomes and artiste trailers are often equipped with Wifi and air conditioning, making them ideal for relaxing in between filming.

winnie trailer hire Leeds

Leeds is a great place to film, with a variety of locations to choose from. The city centre offers a range of modern and historic buildings, while the surrounding countryside provides a stunning backdrop for outdoor scenes. Leeds is also home to a number of film studios, making it an ideal location for larger productions.

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Coachstar provide artist trailer hire in Leeds and also throughout North, South, East & West Yorkshire with all the comforts you and your artiste / talent would expect.

A star trailer also known as a winnie within the film and TV fraternity will be delivered and sited to your shoot location ready for your talent and crew to relax in throughout your filming schedule.

We supply our fleet of artist trailers and green room trailers with an experienced operator to ensure your shoot runs smoothly.

Image of Star trailer on location in Leeds West Yorkshire

Winnebago motorhomes and artist / star trailers are often used on shoot locations as an actors green room. They provide a comfortable and convenient place for actors to rest and relax between takes. They also provide a great place for the crew to store equipment and supplies. Winnebago motorhomes are also popular for use as mobile dressing rooms, hair and make up and as a production office.

We have vast experience supplying our American Artist Trailers for Promos, TV and Movie shoots throughout the UK and beyond.

As well as in the Leeds and Yorkshire areas Coachstar have Winnebago’s and Artiste trailers situated around the UK.