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Coachstar Facilities Ltd recognise our responsibilities with regard to environmental protection, we recognise the need for company procedures and long-term strategy. All staff members, sub contractors, suppliers and stakeholders are required to maintain the company’s environmental policy at all times and will be updated on any new considerations as they arise.
Where possible and practicable we will implement environmentally advantageous policies. In particular, the company will:

• Only procure additional vehicles & trailers that comply with the latest EC emissions.
• Give due consideration to alternative fuels and solar energy methods. Updating to all new technologies in a timely manner as they become available.
• Encourage all employees & stakeholders of the Company to have total consideration for the environment at all times.
• Encourage greater fuel economy by carefully planning routes and minimising excess travel mileage, therefore reducing emission levels.
• Ensure that all waste materials including sewage and waste waters are removed from our trailers & motorhomes in an environmentally considerate manner and ensuring that all fluid disposals are only carried out by licensed operators specialising in this service.
• Return all used tyre casings to the supplier for disposal in an approved and environmentally satisfactory manner.
• Recycle used paper and other material wherever it is possible and practicable to do so.
• Be constantly aware of the need to minimise printed media and promote the use of electronic documents whenever possible.
• Ensure low energy internal LED lighting is continually fitted, along with 12 volt televisions, radios and power inverters to reduce power consumption and the requirement for fuel driven generators.
• Ensure Solar panels are fitted to our fleet of trailers & motorhomes to provide power for any electrical devices, eliminating the requirement for petrol & diesel powered generators.
• Ensure low water usage shower heads are fitted throughout all our fleet of trailers & motorhomes to enable water conservation.
• Ensure the use of environmentally friendly recyclable consumables are used in all aspects of our Company.

As they become known, the company will consider other environmentally advantageous practices, and take account of Government representations.

We will continue to:

1. Monitor and measure our environmental performance including periodic reviews and procedures for rectifying deficiencies.
2. Continually develop and monitor strategic objectives and targets for reducing or eliminating adverse environmental impact and promoting environmental improvements.
3. Communicate to our employees, sub contractors, suppliers and stakeholders the importance of operating our Company in a manner consistent with healthy global environment.