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Terms & Conditions

Please take the time to read these terms and conditions of hire carefully, as completion of this rental agreement deems you are accepting all the conditions set out within it, which legally binding, and governed by the laws of the country in which it is signed, and any dispute may be settled in the law courts of that country. If you have any concerns, or are in any doubt whatsoever about any of the following points, then please contact a Coachstar RV representative BEFORE accepting these terms & conditions. This agreement is between the Operator (Coachstar RV) and the Hirer (You).

Booking and Reservations:

All reservations for events will only be held upon receipt of the booking deposit being received (or an order received in writing for TV & Film Production work) until such time the requested dates will be available to other parties. To make a reservation for an event hire, we require a (non-refundable) deposit of £500, and the remaining balance to be paid in full at any given time up until 30 days before the hire period is due to commence.

Suitable Persons:

2. We have the right to refuse to hand over a motorhome to any person(s) who, in out reasonable opinion is not suitable or in a fit state to take charge of it. In any such case, this will result in the cancellation of the hire period, and we will not be held responsible for this under any circumstances, and nor are we liable to refund the hire fee.


3. In the event of any form of accident, that results in damage, the hirer accepts full liability to pay the full amount for damage caused to the hire vehicle itself, or any third party owned vehicle or property throughout the hirers hire period (please note, that you the hirer, are responsible for any vehicle damage throughout the entire hire period, even if you are away from the vehicle at the time of any damage caused). Our insurance covers the vehicle, our belongings and equipment only. Your possessions are not covered, and hirers are advised to take out their own personal insurance.

Damage Security Deposit:

4. Upon the balance of your rental period being paid, a fully refundable damage security deposit of £1000 is required on any event hires (excluding TV & film work) (we also reserve the right to ask for a larger deposit if the vehicle is attending a music festival for example). The security deposit is held by the company, against any additional damage, breakages, broken/missing items, costs incurred or insurance claims. The security deposit, (less any deductions) will be returned to you up to a maximum of 72 hours after the vehicles return, which allows us sufficient time to fully inspect the vehicle. Under no circumstances will we return the deposit without doing our usual thorough inspection.

Suitable Locations for Delivery of the Vehicle

5. The point of delivery is entirely down to the discretion of the companies' driver, and the vehicle will only be dropped off at what we deem a "suitable location". It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that the agreed place of delivery (whether it is at your home, place of work or event location) is suitable to receive such a large, heavy vehicle. Upon delivery, if our driver believes the agreed drop off place to be unsuitable in any way whatsoever, and an alternative location cannot be found (resulting in the cancellation of the hire), we will not be held responsible for this under any circumstances, and nor are we liable to refund the hire fee. We use the term "suitable location" in reference to the following delivery locations:

  • The vehicle must be easily manoeuvrable upon delivery.
  • The surface on which the vehicle is to be parked is suitable and sound.
  • The delivery location does not cause any damage to the vehicle.
  • The delivery location does not obstruct ourselves from removal after the event or any other vehicles.
Delivery & Collection Times:

6. Delivery of the vehicle on your agreed date for all event bookings is 2pm, and your hire period ends at 10am on the final date of the agreed hire period. We are flexible in terms of you wanting the vehicle an hour or so before midday, but if the vehicle is required at 7am for example, then the vehicle would need to be booked from 2pm the previous day. Please note that a vehicle hand-over and demonstration can take up to an hour, so please make allowances for this. We will not hand over a vehicle until a full demonstration has been given. The vehicle must be vacated by 10am on the final date of the agreed hire period, and we reserve the right to charge £300 for each hour that the vehicle is still inhabited.


7. Unfortunately, vehicles & trailers are sometimes not available when agreed, which is almost always due to events beyond our control. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the vehicle is ready for you at the agreed time and date, if due to circumstances beyond our control result in the cancellation of your booking (which we reserve the right to do), and an alternative suitable motorhome is not available, then our liability is strictly limited to the refund of all monies paid by you, and we accept no liability for the cost of a replacement vehicle, travel expenses, alternative accommodation costs or any other subsequential loss claims arising from events beyond our control. We reserve the right to provide a similar vehicle equal to the hire rate charged in the event of the proposed vehicle becoming unavailable.

Circumstances that we deem beyond our control include:

  • Breakdowns and mechanical failure.
  • Emergency repairs and accident damage.
  • Late returns from the previous hirer.
  • Vehicles returned with excessive than normal cleaning required to them

8. Should the hirer wish to cancel a booking less than 14 days prior to the start date of the agreed hire period, the hirer will forfeit any balance paid and will be liable to pay any outstanding balance with no refunds given.

Under the circumstances of an event becoming cancelled or postponed either by the event or event organiser we reserve the right to withhold the deposit or further payments made towards the hire. Any vehicle or trailer that is cancelled/released earlier than the agreed hire term after delivery has taken place will be chargeable for the full duration term of the hire.


Vehicle Contents:

9. All items and accessories within the vehicle are there for your comfort and convenience, but remain the property of Coachstar. All items and accessories are only to be used by the occupants of the vehicle, and nothing is to leave the vehicle without our prior consent or knowledge. We understand accidents do happen, but all we ask of the hirer is to treat any items you may use in a reasonable manner, putting them back where you found them, and reporting any breakage's immediately in order that we can replace such items in time for the next persons hire.

Appliance/Feature Failure:

10. We do not consider appliance/feature failure, such as the 'generator won't start', 'the leisure batteries went flat', 'there is no hot water' or 'we can't get a TV signal' etc as a breach of our responsibilities (all appliances/features will have been demonstrated to you upon vehicle handover, In most cases however, appliance failure is normally down to the user being unfamiliar with the operation of the appliance, but in the unlikely event of a fault or appliance failure, we will do all we possibly can to help and assist you, but we accept no liability for the cost of a replacement vehicle, travel expenses, alternative accommodation costs or any other subsequential loss claims arising from the vehicle suffering from appliance failure.

Additional Charges:

11. The hirer accepts full liability to pay any additional costs we incur as a subsequent result of any repairs for damage, costing more than the agreed security deposit paid (£1000) However, if we discover, or have good reason to believe, that any damage caused to the vehicle was by misuse (or any other breach of our terms of use), results in the vehicles' repairs costing more than £1000 and/or causes delays/cancellation of the next customers' hire period, then the hirer will be liable for the loss of all earnings and subsequent claims against us. We make allowances for normal everyday cooking, washing, linen usage etc. However, deductions or charges are always applied for negligent, disrespectful and abnormal use of our vehicles. Our interpretation of these such occurrences includes:

  • Blocked toilet.
  • Marked or stained upholstery.
  • Smoking and uninvited pets.
  • Food or drink spillages.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside ANY of our vehicles. A £500 fine will be imposed towards the cleaning of any vehicle where smoking has occurred within a vehicle whilst on hire
  • Any cleaning required further than a vacuuming will be charged at £75 per hour
  • Any breakages at replacement cost plus fitting
  • Generator usage is charged @ £9.00 per hour
Your Responsibilities During Hire Period:

12. The hirer accepts full responsibility for the vehicle throughout the hire period, and will ensure that the following points are observed and adhered to at all times. Any breach of these points may also result in the full or partial loss of your deposit.

It is the hirers responsibility:

  • To ensure that no-one smokes anywhere inside the vehicle (£500 fine)
  • To ensure that no uninvited pets/animals are allowed inside the vehicle.
  • To ensure that the vehicle is locked and secured at all times when left unattended.
  • To ensure the vehicle is kept and handed back in a reasonably clean and tidy condition.
  • For use of the toilets, nothing other than natural human waste and toilet paper should be put in the toilets, as they will become blocked and unusable. Please ensure no flush wipes or other manufactured products or items are flushed through the toilet. Blockages are costly and you will incur additional charges to resolve the problems.
Film & TV: (Additional)

All of our vehicles and trailers are provided base to base, and are charged from the time they leave our home base until the time of return, any cleaning and repreparation work will be included in the hired rate of the vehicle, except in extreme circumstances or misuse. These charges apply to both outbound and inbound journeys, travel to, from and between Locations. We also charge staff travel at cost where transport is not provided.

We do not supply any vehicles on a self-drive basis and only company appointed drivers are allowed to drive or move our vehicles at any time. Our drivers have the final decision regarding the on-location operation of our vehicles or trailers, unless full responsibility is taken by the client or production company in advance, either in writing or by email.

Any vehicle hired from Coachstar Facilities must be covered for the duration of the hire period under the Production Companies Film insurance policy against any damages.

Any actions resulting in vehicle or trailer damage whilst our vehicles are under the custody or control of the hirer including any loss of business including ongoing hire charges until such time the trailer has been repaired or replaced or any injuries incurred, both personal or financial, these costs will be fully reimbursed by the client or production companies insurance.

We do not allow, but not limited to, the following on any of our vehicles or trailers. As a place of work smoking is not permitted inside any of our vehicles or trailers at any time, the use of any illicit or illegal substances will not be tolerated on any of our vehicles or trailers at any time, the drinking of alcohol is not allowed unless for the purpose of hospitality and not when a vehicle is in motion, we do not allow pets inside our vehicles or trailers at any time, however exceptions may be made for guild dogs and by agreement as part of the cast or storyline, we do not allow prams, push chairs. Bicycles or any such items deemed to be oversized inside our accommodation vehicles.

It must be understood that the misuse of our vehicles and or trailers such as the attachment of signs, the stacking of equipment against the vehicle or trailer, the misuse of electrical sockets or equipment, and the removal of company property or stock from the vehicle or trailer without permission, and not returned clean and undamaged or unreplenished, will result in a charge being made to the client or production company for repair or replacement.

At no time do we carry equipment on our vehicles other than hanging garments, luggage or personal items which are at the discretion of the driver and are at the risk of the items or equipment owner, and or the client or production company, the carrying of any items are as a personal favour and do not form any part of a business contract with Coachstar or its sub contracted partners.

All bookings must be confirmed no later than 48 hours before the intended delivery date, a booking that is confirmed and then released will be subject to a cancellation at 100% of the hire term, if a vehicle and or trailer is not confirmed 48 hours before the intended date of use then the company reserves the right to accept a confirmed booking from another party on a first come first served basis, and any special rates will become nil and void.

​Whist we endeavour to provide our services at the published prices where applicable, these may vary from time to time as follows;
The use of sub contracted vehicles or trailers, road tolls, parking expenses or fines, congestion and ULEZ charges, ferries and out of pocket expenses or administration fees will be chargeable at cost.

Any of our vehicles or trailers that are hired to or contracted by a third party must be covered by the relevant liability insurance, and we take no responsibility for injury, loss or damage ether directly or indirectly during the period of hire. It is deemed that once a vehicle or trailer is accepted for hire that our terms and conditions have also been accepted.

Any vehicle or trailer that is cancelled/released earlier than the agreed hire term after delivery has taken place will be chargeable for the full duration term of the hire.

Damage to vehicles or trailers, in any circumstances will be chargeable at the full cost of repair or replacement as required, and the correct operation and security of vehicles or trailers are the responsibility of the hirer.

We reserve the right to remove without notice a vehicle or trailer for the following reasons, misuse, non-payment of agreed payment terms (whereby full cancellation charges will apply) also for any actions considered to contravene our terms and conditions.

The company will not be held responsible for the following, traffic conditions, weather or unforeseen mechanical or health issues, which may result in the late arrival of a vehicle or trailer, the inability to park due to access or obstruction, parking restrictions due to road works, local by-laws or rules, the failure to provide sufficient information to the company which may impair its ability to fulfil its obligations.

A fuel surcharge may be added in some countries subject to price variations and LPG availability, Waste disposal will be charged where such services are not provided.

​All invoices are subject to VAT (unless exemption can be verified) and are to be paid prior to delivery of any vehicle or trailer, unless pre agreed terms are in place, the company reserves the right to charge interest on late paid invoices, we do not accept cash transactions at anytime.