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Experience the Thrill of MotoGP with Coachstar Winnebago Hire

Are you considering a Motorhome RV hire for this years MotoGP? Why not make your race weekend an unforgettable timely event with one of our luxurious and spacious American Motorhomes delivered directly to the heart of the action.

MotoGP racing weekend with an RV Motorhome

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Call today to explore the services and options available to make your race weekend a truly unforgettable experience with our MotoGP Motorhome RV Hire service.

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MotoGP Racing weekend in a Winnebago motorhome

We Go The Extra Mile

Literally! We deliver your chosen Winnebago directly to the MotoGP event, set it up for your arrival, and collect it after the event concludes. All bedding, towels, cutlery, plates etc are all provided ready for your arrival at the circuit. Just relax and focus purely on the thrill of the races with the luxury of your very own on site accommodation suite.

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Racing scene of the MotoGP

Hassle-Free and Cost-Effective:

Booking Motorhome RV hire at the MotoGP with Coachstar is straightforward and our rates are competitive. Sharing a spacious Winnebago with friends not only cuts costs but also enriches your experience, making every race moment more memorable.

MotoGP History:

MotoGP, the premier class of motorcycle road racing, has a storied history in the United Kingdom that traces back decades. The UK leg of the MotoGP, often held at the Silverstone Circuit, has been a key fixture in the racing calendar. The British Grand Prix, as it is known, has seen a variety of circuits host the event, including the legendary Isle of Man TT course until 1976, before moving to other locations like Silverstone and Donington Park.

The UK has also contributed significantly to the sport through numerous talented riders who have left their mark on international motorcycle racing, enhancing the intensity for MotoGP within the British motorsports community. Each event not only showcases the pinnacle of motorcycle technology and skill but also celebrates the rich motorcycling heritage of the UK.

The Evolution of MotoGP:

In its early years, MotoGP was dominated by European manufacturers and riders, with races primarily held across the continent. The competition saw the rise of iconic brands such as MV Agusta, Norton, and later, Japanese manufacturers like Honda and Yamaha, which brought innovation and new technology to the sport.

Now the pinnacle of motorcycle road racing, traces its origins to the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix, which was inaugurated in 1949. It is the oldest motorsport World Championship in existence. Originally featuring five classes based on engine displacement, MotoGP has evolved significantly over the decades. Why not elevate your Weekend experience with Motorhome RV hire at the MotoGP

The premier class, initially for 500cc motorcycles, has undergone several transformations, reflecting advancements in technology and changes in competitive strategy. In 2002, the class was rebranded as MotoGP, with engine capacities allowed up to 990cc, later adjusted to 800cc in 2007, and settled at 1000cc in 2012 to balance performance and safety.

MotoGP races are now global events, held on prestigious tracks around the world, attracting a massive following. The sport continues to push the boundaries of motorcycle technology, speed, and rider skill, making it the ultimate test of endurance, strategy, and engineering in motorcycle racing.

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