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Movie Star Trailers

Movie star trailers have become increasingly popular over recent years. With ever changing technology, they provide movie stars, celebrities, and other high-profile individuals the comfort, style and high tech modern amenities whilst on set and during location shoots.

Our movie star trailer hire service provides convenient and luxurious option for your artists who demand the best. You will find all the amenities of a five-star hotel with the comfort of a private apartment including Air Conditioning, Wifi, Smart TV's, Hair & Make up facilities, Nespresso coffee machines, private toilet and hot showers all providing a unique and exclusive experience that is sure to please.

We offer a variety of movie star trailers available for hire, ranging from smaller, more affordable options to larger, more luxurious trailers that are typically used by more high-profile celebrities.

From your initial call to the completion of your shoot Coachstar aim to exceed every expectation!

Our Movie star trailers are luxurious high-end units for those who demand the best. Each trailer is equipped with all the amenities that you would expect in order to create a perfect relaxation zone for your talent to relax in between takes.

The high level of personalisation you will find inside our movie star trailers not only boosts your VIP's comfort but also enhances their performance. Furthermore, hiring a single VIP trailer serves as a symbol of status and professionalism demonstrating your commitment to providing top-tier accommodations for their high-profile talent.

Furthermore, our entire fleet are fitted with solar panels, LED lighting and portable cell-powered power stations, all of which contribute to a more sustainable production environment.

What do our clients think?

For much of my time as Series Director on Salvage Hunters we were under strict COVID 19 protocols. Coachstar were the key to keeping us, an itinerant operation & functioning safely. As a bonus, not only did Dave provide us with toilets, warmth and comfort, He also made great coffee, acted professionally at all times, whilst keeping us all cheerful. He became a much loved member of our team and quite frankly, I can’t imagine getting through that trying period without him. Nick Small Salvage Hunters