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Single Artist Trailers (with Hair & Make-Up)

Our VIP artiste trailer range are perfect for those tight locations! At only 23 feet long and remote-controlled for easy positioning once on location. They offer ample space for talent and crew due to the full wall slide out side extension.

Optimal relaxation is provided as standard with our 5-star comfort package, including Leather upholstery, Sofa bed, Smart TV, WiFi, Kitchen, Fridge, Microwave, Toilet & shower, A/C and Nespresso coffee! A separate hair & makeup area is also positioned at the rear of the trailer.

Our range of eco-friendly trailers are powered by solar panels and low-energy lights.

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Artist Trailer interior

Full Specification

Length 7m (23 feet)


Leather upholstery

Hot & cold running water

Separate shower room

Flushing Toilet

Large Fridge Freezer

Gas hob & oven

Mains electric hook up

Large HMU area

Solar panel

Air conditioning

For further details or booking enquiries please contact us