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RV hire at Glastonbury

Are you looking for Motorhome hire at Glastonbury Festival? we have a fleet of luxury American Motorhomes and RV's available forĀ  hire for this awesome music festival. The team at Coachstar RV have vast experience in hiring Motorhomes for music big events in the UK and Europe.

Pyramid stage at Glastonbury

More and more people are choosing Motorhome hire at Glastonbury due to the superior added comforts & benefits provided including: Plush interiors, comfortable bedding, and climate control all enhancing your weekend festival experience.

Motorhome/RV hire at the Glastonbury Festival offers numerous benefits including unparalleled comfort and convenience in your own secure and private space, allowing you to escape the crowds and recharge with home-like amenities.

With an RV, you can enjoy the festival's vibrant atmosphere while retaining the option for peaceful retreat whenever needed.

Glastonbury festival revellers

Why Choose Motorhome Hire at Glastonbury?

  1. Supreme Comfort: Enjoy plush interiors, comfortable bedding, and climate control that transform a fun festival into a luxurious retreat.
  2. Convenience on Site: Positioned close to the festival activities, these motorhomes offer easy access to all stages and events, ensuring you miss none of the action.
  3. Fully Equipped for Living: Each motorhome is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, dining area, and relaxation spaces, allowing you to recharge in privacy with all the comforts of home.
  4. Tailored Services: Coachstar caters to a range of needs, offering options from basic models to high-end luxury motorhomes, ensuring that every festival experience is unique and catered specifically to personal preferences.

Motorhome hire at Glastonbury not only enhances the festival atmosphere but also provides a peaceful escape from the crowds. With the convenience of onsite accommodations, you can immerse yourself in the festival's vibrant culture by day and retreat to your private haven by night.

Glastonbury Festival is one of the most iconic music and performing arts festivals in the world, held annually in Pilton, Somerset, England. Known for its eclectic lineup, the festival features performances ranging from music to dance, comedy, theatre, and circus.

Glastonbury is celebrated not only for its diverse entertainment but also for its commitment to environmental sustainability and charity. The festival site turns into a vast city of tents, where attendees experience a unique blend of music, art, and communal spirit, making it a pilgrimage for music lovers globally.

For those planning their Glastonbury visit, remember to book early. The popularity of motorhome hire means availability can be limited, and early reservations ensure you secure the best for your festival adventure.

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