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Single Artist Trailer


Are you requiring single artist trailer hire for your upcoming shoot? We provide star trailer rental services across the UK.

We provide Star Trailer Hire with our fleet of single artist trailers across the UK for all your production needs.

Whether it be for TV, Commercials, Music Video Promo's or a Movie we can help.

Check out an example of our Star trailers here 5* luxury with masses of space and only 7 metres in length,

Coachstar Facilities Limited have a wide range of star trailers to suit all your requirements from a single artist trailer, green room to a winnie small enough to fit in the tightest of locations. We have American single artist trailers available as mobile artist green rooms throughout the UK ready to supply for your talent or crew.

Our trailers are portable, self-contained spaces used by actors and other performers to prepare for their performances. They typically include amenities such as a dressing room, makeup station, wardrobe, and other necessary items. It is designed to provide a comfortable and private space for performers to relax and prepare for their performance.

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single artist trailer hire for film shoot