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Single Artist Trailer Hire

Artist Trailer Interior

A single artist trailer from Coachstar is like a cosy home on wheels that actors and talent can use on movie sets. Providing a private and comfortable space where they actors can relax, sleep, and get ready for their scenes.

Our fleet of single artist trailers have a shower & toilet, kitchen area with nespresso coffee facilities, makeup stations, lounge area, bed, air conditioning and a smart TV.

Single artist trailer image

If you are looking to hire a single artist trailer for a movie set on location we've got you covered! we provide artist trailer hire to many TV & film production companies throughout the UK!  Hiring a single artist trailer for your shoot whether it be for a single artist or your cast & crew members is a great concept. The 5* facilities onboard helps keep everyone relaxed and comfortable.

Artist trailer hire in Leeds

We ensure the actors and talent can get ready for their scenes in a calm and comfortable environment. Our experienced team of drivers ensure our trailers are presented in tip top condition at all times with air conditioning or heating pre set to your individual requirements each day, making sure your artist will be comfortable and relaxed with everything they may need to help your shoot run seamlessly.

Interior of single artist green room

Here at Coachstar, we've got a great selection of American motorhomes, Winnies, and Artist trailers in our fleet.

All our trailers are specifically designed for film productions. Whether you're looking for a cosy green room area for your artists or talent, Be sure to take a look at our single artist trailer inventory HERE to check out our 5* fleet.

artiste trailer image

Our Winnies & trailers provide the perfect on location green room areas, when they're set up for artists, the living areas are bright and spacious. They're great for doing hair and makeup too, with a mirror that's fully lit and a comfy chair. Plus, there's also a cosy leather sofa, a kitchen with everything you need to make tea and coffee, as well as a bite to eat!