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TV Film location vehicles

If you require TV Film location facilities vehicles  including an artist winnebago / artiste trailer / mobile green rooms / production offices or any location vehicles for your TV/Film shoot we provide a vast array of luxury American Winnebago motorhomes & star trailers with spacious modern interiors providing total comfort for your talent.

TV production location vehicles can include a variety of vehicles, such as production vans, mobile production units, and satellite uplink trucks. Production vans are typically used to transport equipment and personnel to and from a production location. Mobile production units are typically larger vehicles that are equipped with a variety of production equipment, such as cameras, audio equipment, and lighting. Satellite uplink trucks are used to transmit live video feeds from a production location to a broadcast station.

A television production trailer is a mobile facility used to support the production of television programs. It is typically used to provide a comfortable and efficient workspace for the production crew, as well as to store equipment and materials. Location facilities and production trailers are typically equipped with a variety of amenities, such as air conditioning, heating, lighting, sound systems, and video monitors. They may also include a kitchenette, restroom, and sleeping quarters. Production trailers are typically used on location, but can also be used in studio

Each trailer is available for short or long term hire. We deliver the Winnie/artist trailer/green room to your chosen destination all set up and ready for you to accompany you on your location shoot.

We also supply star trailers, mobile green rooms alongside our Winnie hire in both London & throughout the UK often at short notice if required, we can cater for all your film and TV industry requirements

We offer a dedicated service tailored to reflect your individual needs and take pride in our excellent personal service ensuring all our customers requirements are met.

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TV Film winnie
Artist trailer on location
Star trailer for artis on location