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Winnebago Hire For Actors

Winnebago Hire for actors and other creative professionals is a specialised service provided by Coachstar Facilities Ltd.

We offer a wide range of Motorhomes, RV's, Winnebago's and Artist trailers for hire for all TV & movie productions with our fleet of Winnebago's for actors each providing a spacious and luxurious interior for your talent to relax and unwind during busy filming days.

Winnebago hire for actors on a city centre film shoot on location

Winnebago Hire for Actors: Boost Your Next Shoot's Efficiency!

  • Convenience: Our trailers are like mini-homes on wheels, ensuring actors can relax while on location. This is a great option for your talent to stay close to the set location.
  • Privacy: Our 5* Winnebago hire for actors services provide a secure private space to relax and prepare for their roles. This is super important, especially for actors dealing with sensitive or emotional scenes.
  • Mobility: We can move the trailers to any location required throughout your filming schedule, ensuring the actors are always close to set thus reducing travel time.
  • Flexibility: We can provide our services for any duration—from a single day to several weeks or even months. Additionally, we provide even more attractive discounts for extended bookings on longer shoots.
Winnebago hire for actors trailer on a movie shoot

Explore the Features and Comforts:

  • Comforts: Our Winnebago's and Motorhome RV's come equipped with all the comforts of home including: beds, kitchens, bathrooms, TVs, WiFi, coffee machines, air conditioning and entertainment systems, providing a comfortable area for actors to take a well earned break between takes.
  • Kitchens: Access to a kitchen means actors can enjoy hot food, snacks and beverages, ensuring they are energised and well prepared for even the longest filming days.
  • Toilet & Shower: Having a private bathroom ensures actors can freshen maintaining their comfort and hygiene throughout the day.
  • Leather Upholstery: Our fleet of trailers and Winnies are furnished with luxurious leather seating providing ultimate comfort and relaxation between takes, helping actors feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Hair and Makeup Station: A dedicated space for hair and makeup ensures the actor has their own private area within their trailer, providing both a tranquil and private environment to prepare for their scenes.
  • Smart TVs: Stay entertained & relaxed between takes with access to streaming services, news, and entertainment.
  • WiFi: Stay connected with loved ones and colleagues, also providing the convenience to keep in touch with the world outside.
  • Nespresso Coffee Machines: Enjoy premium coffee on demand, providing a boost of energy and helping actors stay alert and focused throughout the day.
  • Air Conditioning: Stay cool and comfortable even in the hottest filming locations, ensuring actors can relax and concentrate on their work without distractions.
  • Heating with Climate Control: Heating temperatures can be set to remain at any given temperature of the actors personal preference, providing a pleasant,warm and comfortable environment to relax between takes.
  • Beds: Enjoy a comfortable, peaceful and private area to rest and recharge between scenes, ensuring actors are well-rested and ready to give their best performances.

Winnebago hire for actors is an excellent choice for film productions needing comfortable, mobile dressing rooms, actors green rooms and rest areas. Our fleet of luxurious artist winnie trailers provide a private space for a talent to relax and prepare between takes, no matter where the filming location may be.

Your Winnebago or actors trailer can be stationed conveniently on set, ensuring cast members have easy access to their own dedicated space. This not only boosts the efficiency of the shooting schedule, but also enhances the overall experience for cast members, allowing them to deliver their best performances.

Why not take a look at our range of Winnebago and Actors trailer fleet here