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Winnebago Hire For Actors

Winnebago Hire for actors and other creative professionals is a specialised service provided by Coachstar Facilities Ltd.

We offer a wide range of Winnebago and Artist trailers for hire for all TV & movie productions.

We provide Single artist trailers & Single Winnebago’s with spacious luxurious interiors to offer the stars a home from home comfortable environment to relax in on a busy filming day. We also provide mobile green room trailers for a single actors/ talent. Please call or view our fleet here on our website.

The benefits of hiring a Winnebago for actors include:

• Convenience: Winnebagos are self-contained vehicles, so actors can relax whilst on location. This can save them time and money on hotels and other accommodations.
• Privacy: Winnebagos & Single Artist Trailers provide a private space for actors to relax and prepare for their roles. This can be especially important for actors who are working on sensitive or emotional material.
• Mobility: Winnebagos are mobile, so we can site them at all different locations during the shooting schedule.
• Amenities: Winnebagos typically come equipped with a variety of amenities, such as beds, kitchens, bathrooms, TV, WiFi and entertainment systems. This can make them a comfortable and luxurious place for actors to stay.

In addition to these benefits, Winnebago Hire for actors also offers a variety of other services such as:
• On-site support: Our Winnebago Hire team of experienced professionals can provide on-site support & maintenance. This can include assisting to set up the Winnebago and keep the Trailers or Winnebago’s at a comfortable temperature.
• Flexibility: Winnebago Hire is flexible with its rental terms, so our Winniebago’s and Artist Star Trailers can be hired for as short or as long as you need them.
Overall, Winnebago Hire can be a great option for actors who are looking for a convenient, private, and mobile way to stay while they are on location.
Please call Coachstar with any enquiries and questions you may have. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Call us today London: 0207 112 1578

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