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Artist Green Room hire

Mobile Artist Green Rooms are very popular with artists and actors as a go between facility where they can relax, get changed and read through film scripts.

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A mobile green room is a waiting area for performers to relax. Typically furnished with comfortable chairs, couches, and other amenities they provide a valuable asset to any film shoot. Often used as a place for performers a green room is a beneficial area to practice or warm up before a performance. They are also known as a performers lounge and 'waiting' room between performances. Historically, the green room was a central space that was covered in grass for actors much like a central performing stage. Another theory stated that to prevent a glare from the stage, the room was painted green. However in Shakespeares day only lamp lights were used. It has been said that many actors were anxious before a performance often feeling nauseous hence looking green. Therefore, nervous actors waited in what was called the Green Room.

Today a mobile artist green room is still well known with actors and used extensively for filming, an artists trailer such as make up, dress changing and TV production area. Coachstar RV offer luxury movie motorhome hire and artist green rooms each refined with leather interiors, full American fridge/freezer, fully flushing toilet and separate shower, cooker/hob and sky TV & WiFi. Each motorhome is unique in style but all have the modern comforts you would expect..

a typical artist green room hire on location



Mobile artist green room hire is a service that provides a portable workspace for artists to prepare and unwind before and after their performances. These green rooms are equipped with everything an artist may need, including makeup stations, mirrors, seating areas. Furthermore, warm showers and private toilet areas areĀ  also available for the actors comfort. Our mobile artist green room hire service canĀ  be set up at any location, making it a convenient option for artists who are constantly on the move. Additionally, the use of green rooms helps to create a professional atmosphere for talent & artists ensuring they feel comfortable and prepared for their shows. Overall, mobile artist green room hire is a valuable service that helps to support the film & TV industry by providing artists with a comfortable and functional space to prepare for their performances.